The testnet is here!

The wait is finally over!
We are about to release the DOEX testnet and you will be able to start using it!

We hope this testing phase goes smoothly and that we can deploy it into the mainnet as soon as possible.

As we are just about to launch, we thought we might share with you some of the specific features we would like you to test

1- Nami connection
This is the first step you need to complete to access the DEX. Connect to your Nami wallet and make sure you are on the Testnet network. For now, we are only using Nami, more options are coming!

Connecting to Nami

2- The Dashboard

In this section you can check out the contents of your wallet, the price of the tokens in it and will also have info on staking profits in the future. There is a Quick swap feature that you can use straight away!

The Dashboard

3- Swap

In this tab, you will be able to swap Cardano tokens. You get information on price, the price impact, and the fee for the liquidity provider!

The Swap

4- Order Book

This is where the magic happens! You will be able to select the trading pairs and create buy/sell orders or fill existing ones.

The Orderbook (buy)

If you press on the middle arrow, the order book reverses the buy/sell orders for your commodity

The Orderbook (sell)

5- My orders

In here you can check your order history, cancel existing orders or collect filled (or partially filled) orders. You can filter by Open orders or History to check already completed trades

The Order History

We are very happy with the result from our devs hard work, and we hope that you guys are too!

We are now working on a video to showcase all of the functions and help newcomers use the dex as intended.

There will also be a bug bounty program deploying soon, so that the community can contribute to make DOEX the best DEX on the Cardano ecosystem!



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