The road ahead

We would like to start this article by addressing the DOEX community and apologize about the DEX delivery deadline that we could not meet. This was due to a number of factors ranging from geopolitical reasons to changes in technical solutions of dex.

But the main reason for this delay was a technical shift: we were happy with our AMM model but realized that it just wasn’t efficient enough, even with the scalability upgrades from Cardano recently implemented.

So we decided to go for order book for the time being.

The order book model

We are temporarily introducing an order book model that will allow for a better user experience for the time being. You can check the main differences between both models in this article we published recently.

This was a tough call, but a necessary one. It delayed the release of the project, but we are confident it was the right move.

We thought that by now Cardano would allow for a better experience using the AMM model, and we will make the switch as originally intended as soon as that is the case.

Testnet and Mainnet

We are still going to introduce a testnet delivery of the product. We want the community to try it out before we release it to the mainnet.

There will be a bug bounty program, so watch out for this announcement later!

Now, as we are sure you were all waiting for this, here are some sneak peeks of the work being done!

The dashboard
The order book
The swap


We also wanted to change the way we communicate with our beloved community, which is extremely important!

So we will try to share with you as much as possible what is happening on both the dex and business development facets.

We know you wanted and asked for this, and we certainly agree with these expectations because we consider the DOEX community part of our team!

So, this is the road ahead, and what we planned for the near future.

We hope it aligns with what the community wants and that we can rally forward together!



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