How to buy $DOEX on ExMarkets

In order to make the process of purchasing $DOEX during the IEO easier, we created a guide that will explain it step-by-step

1 — Start by visiting Exmarkets official webpage and registering a new account, if you don’t yet have one, or logging in if you do

2 — Then open your Dashboard by clicking in your email, on the top right corner of the page.

3 — Once it opens, scroll down until you reach the “Available assets” table. There, look for your chosen payment crypto, from the 5 available ($ADA, $USDT, $USDC, $ETH, $BTC) and copy the deposit address. For this guide, we will use $ADA and Yoroi wallet

4 — Now you can use your wallet to transfer the funds, either an exchange wallet or a noncustodial one. Make sure you send from the correct networks:

  • $ADA, $BTC and $ETH need to come from their native chains
  • $USDT and $USDC can only be sent as an erc20 token (Ethereum chain)

5 — On Yoroi, open the “Send” tab. Input the address you copied on point 5, choose the amount you want to deposit and press the Send button

6 — After a short period (usually a couple of minutes, but can go up to 60, depending on the network) your funds are ready on your account. Back on the Exmarkets page, go to the Launchpad area and choose to participate on the DOEX project

7 — Choose the currency you want to pay with

8 — Input the amount you wish to spend and hit “BUY DOEX”.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! — You must input a whole number, fractional numbers cannot be bought

9 — You can now go back to your Dashboard and confirm the success of the operation by scrolling down back to your Available assets table and searching for DOEX.

Note: If you cannot see your $DOEX balance right away, log out of your account, clear the cookies from the browser and log in again

We hope that this guide provides an easy setup for investors to acquire DOEX through Exmarkets IEO.
Later we will provide a new one to guide you through the process of withdrawaling your funds to a noncustodial wallet

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DOEX — AMM-based decentralized exchange for assets that are native to the Cardano Blockchain

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DOEX — AMM-based decentralized exchange for assets that are native to the Cardano Blockchain

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