DOEX — What we accomplished in 2021

DOEX story began just a couple of months ago. But so far, it is one of conquests and success.
We thought that the New Year event would be a good point to look back and see where we came from, as well as where we are heading.


We minted $DOEX total supply (which will never change) on 11/17/2021. Although this is not a very relevant moment for the development of the project itself, it will always mark our anniversary, so we plan to celebrate it in style this year!

Private Sale

The day after minting, we began the private sales phase. This is an important step in the whole process, as it grants the project a good financial stability for the continued development of the DEX, as well as a means to solidify a base for our community, with serious investors who agree on our vision for a Cardano Decentralized Exchange.

The private round was a success overall, where we were able to sell over 20% of the total supply (less than 2% short of the Hard Cap)

Launchpad with

For our first round of public sale, we decided to partner up with kick.
Being one of the first successful Cardano launchpads, we felt they were the right choice to… kick things off!
4% of the supply was sold at kick launchpad

IEO with Exmarkets

Exmarkets was the first exchange to offer trading of Cardano Native Tokens. As such, it seemed the perfect fit to run our second and final public sale, in the form of an IEO
21% of the supply was sold at Exmarkets IEO


he first AMA was held on December 3rd, at the official DOEX community Telegram.

Mantas, our CS Manager, hosted the event, while Adomas and Sancho, Growth Specialist and Community Manager respectively, answered the most pertinent questions. Top questions won an amazing bonus in DOEX!

Have a look at our article that sums up the AMA

Platform Preview

Around mid-December we were able to showcase our platform. The community feedback was great!
Take another look, it’s worth it!

5000 Telegram subscribers — A growing community

We reached a great milestone by December 15.
5000 Telegram community members

Our focus will always be the community, the investors. And we have made an effort to connect and let you know that we hear you and will always do so. There is always a DOEX member on Telegram, Discord or Twitter, ready to answer any question and take any feedback from community members.

It has been a delight seeing familiar faces pop up onto the chat every day to talk about Cryptocurrency, Cardano and DOEX.

Thank you for that!

Staking Pools

A vital part of our project is rewarding holders. So we saw staking as a massive priority. Given that onchain staking would not be available anytime soon, we decided to go with the second-best choice: staking with a trusted partner.

At kick, we set up 4 pools, with different locking periods and different returns.

Less than a month later, 65% of the capacity is filled, with the 6-month lockup pool filled to the fullest!

Meet the team — Adomas

As part of our effort to connect with the community, we started a series of interviews where you get to know the members of our team.

The first one was with Adomas, our Growth Specialist, where he goes through some of his personal experience, as well as his role on the DOEX project

Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already

1st Listing — Trading on Exmarkets

December 28th is another historical moment. It marks the day when the first $DOEX tokens were traded fairly on the open market, enabling the community to set up a price for it.

After a rocky start, as it is typical with highly speculative assets, $DOEX has been steadily rising while the community begins to gain trust on the team and vision.

Testnet and Mainnet — February 2022 will be DOEX month

Arguably our greatest announcement to date: Testnet and mainnet launch will happen in February!

We are really excited to show you what we have made and how much we progressed in such a short time.

So, in only 2 months, we have done a lot! But even so, we are only getting started.
In the next weeks and months, a lot more is coming, specifically:

  • Live Interviews
  • Platform Sneak Peaks
  • Technical updates
  • Partnerships
  • Listings

We are excited for what’s coming, and we hope you are ready to join us on this adventure!

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