Cryptocurrency allowed us to achieve financial freedom. By being in charge of our funds, we are no longer subject to the banks’ or government’s whims and desires.
But there is another side to the story. Paired with the freedom of having full control of your funds, comes the not lower responsibility…

Cryptocurrency adoption is at an all-time high. Although NFTs, Metaverses, and web3 were the new narratives on the block for 2021, Defi kept growing and will most likely be here for the long haul.
But with a growing number of new users, some may be left wondering what the difference…

Price for Bitcoin has been on a downtrend, which can mean we have entered a longer bearish period

Onchain data suggests BTC still has room to grow, once we see a trend reversal

Retail interest has dropped, but despite this most experts remain confident the bull market structure is still intact

Price Action

This past couple of weeks, the overall crypto market took a big hit, as $BTC dropped close to 21%, having gone as low as 41k$ and bouncing back to 49.5k$ almost immediately, before starting a grueling chopping dance that currently puts it at 46k$.

On the shorter time frames, this…


DOEX — AMM-based decentralized exchange for assets that are native to the Cardano Blockchain

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